Why “Just Because” Flowers?

Think about it… there are certain occasions whereby people expect to get flowers right? Valentines Day for one, probably another, as it is one of my busiest days, Mothers Day, people like them on their birthday too, but imagine the impact your gift has on the recipient when they get flowers, out of the blue, “Just because”
Don’t underestimate the power behind giving flowers “Just Because”. What does the recipient really remember? Those “Hallmark Holiday” flowers or the spontaneous ones that took them by surprise – It speaks so much more from the heart! Your special someone will know that your adoration compels you to express it not out of obligation (Valientine’s Day, or an Anniversary), but out of a pure, simple, just-can’t-wait -another-minute-to-tell-you-I-love-you. “Just because” occasions are probably the most appreciated and most effective acts of kindness when it comes to relationships and expression through gift giviing. 
I can guarantee you, it is a far more meaningful way to express how much you care.

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