Red, White and Bloom happened this Veteran’s Day!

Yes, I was born in Canada however, home to me now and for the past several  years has been the United States of America.   My husband is an American citizen, I have a son that was born in Tampa, Florida, and both my grown daughter’s significant others are American’s… I don’t think it gets any closer that that!!  

When I share things about the 4th of July, or several U.S. Holidays, I do have some, sadly that ask me, why are you celebrating, you aren’t even an American – makes me shake my head honestly.  

No matter where you live, no matter what day it is, saying “Thank you” is something you should do over and over, each day of your life!   My idea to do “Red, White and Bloom” this year was inspired when I read about another florist in the U.S.  who had done it in the past (Thank you SAF for those amazing emails with tips and such) and I thought, yes, I must do this in my sleepy little town of Chester, NH!   Did I know of any veterans? Not really, but it was super easy to ask and then the names started rolling in.   The plan was simple, put together small bouquets and personally deliver them to vets and say “thank you” – 2 small words that can make such a difference!!

I am heading out shortly, with several bouquets and several  names – I would have loved to do more but financially, that was all I could afford   – I can’t wait to ring doorbells and see smiles when I hand them flowers and say “thank you for your service”

Nope, I am not an American citizen but, I do live in the Land of the Free because of the Brave” and I am fortunate that those men and women, and their families, some who gave all and all who gave some,   are here for me to put a smile on their faces. 

You should thank a veteran today!  Heck, thank a veteran every day!   God Bless America!



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