‘Artful’ Floral Design for Special Events

The envelope arrived probably two months ago. A simple white folder bound with a red ribbon – I love pretty presentations! Opening it revealed an invitation – a very intriguing one. Oh, and there was a handwritten card in it, which is seldom seen anymore these days, from Tricia at the Currier Museum of Art.

I had heard of it, but had never been to the Museum, which lives in Manchester, NH, but I read on. She presented it as a “one-of-a-kind” marketing opportunity….marketing is essential so on I read. Please be our guest and showcase your artistic talents by creating a one-of-a-kind arrangement for our Member-only preview. Now she has my interest, every single one of my clients can attest to the fact that I love to create designs that are different, yet still gorgeous to the eye when it comes to floral design! A couple of email exchanges, a phone call, and I was in!

Fast forward, Thanksgiving, Christmas, a New Year and ding, up pops the reminder on my calendar!! Killer Heels Exhibit at the Manchester Currier Museum of Art – Feb. 4th. Yes, it was time to make a shoe out of flowers for this travelling exhibit coming to us from the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

I like shoes, maybe not as much as some, but I like having options in the morning so this is exciting – great publicity aside, I totally love a challenge! A little background on the exhibit – the show presents a 300 year history of fabulous footwear and includes shoes by Prada, Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blanik and more.

O.K., you’ve got this, I think. Little research is in order. First off, let’s look back in history about what style of shoes were worn. Ohhh… these are pretty and look, inspired by Marie Antoinette!! She is definitely an Historical gal so yes, I have my figure. Stumbling along in my research, I found a video and if my mind hadn’t been already made up, it was now! There I watch, as Mr. Louboutin reveals a killer heel that he created inspired by my gal, Ms. Antoinette! He only made 40 pairs but it was love at first sight (even though I could never afford them and my feet would hate me if I wore them)

I carved the heel for my shoe out of floral foam last week – 3 hours!!! And, I will probably re-do it as I want it to look perfect but that is ok – I have patience and confidence that I will get this done!

I have a little more time and I am excited to show everyone what I come up with. Their complimentary copy of Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heel Shoe catalogue arrived this past week and it is gorgeous!! While I question who I could possibly wear certain ones, their beauty takes my breath away!


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