Name Your Floral Design Contest

Getting By With a Little Help From My Friends

Valentines Day FlowersEveryone loves a contest… even I know that!!  Who’d have thought though, that such numbers would respond in hopes of their suggestion being assigned to one of our exclusive floral arrangements this Valentine’s Day!!!  

Not knowing what to expect, I put together a floral arrangement, said “Name it and Claim it” and bam, the responses started rolling in!  As as a designer, I see things a little differently than one who isn’t necessarily on the creative end of the spectrum.  When I see red, I think “passion”, “vivacious”, “depth” and “intensity” – still, I appreciated every single submission!  Sometimes, midway through determining the winner, I would throw in a few hints about what I was looking for in terms of a name… mostly though, I sat at my computer, smiled, and sometimes belly laughed at the suggestions!! Way too much fun!!

Therein lies the story of how our four, exclusive Valentine’s Day designs came to fruition this year! I gave away 4 beautiful floral arrangements, made, I suspect, many people smile, simply at the prospect of winning, and managed to gain some new customers in the process!!  All good stuff!!  

Regardless of who you choose to assign the task of designing and sending something beautiful to your loved one this Valentine’s Day, may you all remember that showing an expression of love, while much appreciated on February 14th, is something that you can remind someone of, year round.



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