New Hampshire Wedding Expo Extraordinaire

I always knew I was not cut out to live in the North!! I know it is pretty and all but I just don’t like the cold! Did I know it would be subzero (ok, maybe not that cold) temps when I decided to do the wedding expo of the year, nope!

Thought I would get fancy for this one so I got up early and pulled on my pretty new skirt and a matching blouse – could I have had one pair of stockings in that drawer of mine, nope!! No biggie I thought, I am going to be inside for this one. Load in at the show did require I wear a pair of fluffy socks and comfy shoes but my plan was to slip on a cute pair of heels for the event. Those shoes lasted about 10 minutes on my feet! In my world, warm trumps looking pretty!! Totally on me though, this was going down at the Whitemore Center in Durham, NH, on a hockey rink… what was I thinking!!

Enough whining about the temps, this expo truly was amazing!! The Z107 team has been doing this gig for 23 years and it shows! Everything from setup to breakdown was managed thoroughly and effectively by them. Their staff handled the flow of people and the vendors experiences so incredibly well that I have decided this will be the one and only bridal show that I will be a part of moving forward on a yearly basis!

Way to go Marcia and the I Heart Radio peeps!!

Here are a few pictures from my booth where I showcased my floral arrangements, centerpieces and bridal flowers – the one of me waving made it onto the Z107 website!



  1. Michele says

    But it was such a pretty skirt and blouse!! lol
    No doubt they were and are lucky to have such a talented and distinguished florist among their vendors! Great job as always Karen!!
    Great photo!!

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