April Vacation Inspiration

I can hear it now…you are saying “what am i gonna do with the kids next week?” 

With winter over (we hope) sunny skies, and warmer temperatures, how about encouraging kids to get outside and do some spring planting? Great way to do that is by suggesting they make their own miniature fairy garden. Mini gardens make a great spring activity for kids and they can customize them to fit their own favorite hobbies or animals.  It’s no secret that I love to play with flowers so I truly enjoy sharing that love with everyone. Keep reading as I step you through the process!  

First off, a container – I am guessing you have lots of planters and  pots left over from decorating last year – grab one of those – none laying around, head on over to one of my favorite garden centers, Chakarians and they will have lots for you to choose from! Do you love bunnies, adore puppies or can’t get enough felines in your life?  Then build your garden using those exact things!  Chakarians also carries all kinds of my miniature items that you can choose from to add to your garden.  If you don’t have soil, you might want to grab some there while you are at it.

You can (and probably should) drill a hole in the bottom for drainage, but I have done it both ways. Just make sure not to water them so much that the soil won’t soak up the water in a timely manner.  Watch to see how it goes and you can always add a hole in the middle of the garden if needed.

Next you’ll need some plants.  Remember, fairy gardening is about scale.  If your container is small, choose  plants and items to go in the garden with that in mind.  Larger items, while tempting, may appear out of place in a mini garden.  Fun idea – add a strawberry plant and see if you can get it to bear fruit!!  The kids will love watching their plants grow and mature!  

Leave some space after adding your plants to add a rock or mulch “floor” for the house and other items you have selected.  

My teacup garden looks so bright and cheerful in my kitchen window. I am so very excited that I discovered the joys in fairy gardening!  I love hearing stories from my friends and customers about their kids discussing how the fairies visit them at night when they are asleep, and that is when the little animals and gnomes come alive. All sounds good to me!  

Your florist/fairy godmother, 


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