Advice for a Stress-Free Life

Lessons from my busiest time of year.

Having just come through a very hectic time for a florist, I thought it was time I shared how I, as a small business owner, can still smile and still say that I love what I do!  Over the course of the past 2 weeks, I designed over 200 floral arrangements for Mother’s Day for moms, grandmothers, godmothers and many more – I made almost 300 corsages and boutonnieres for prom goers and daddy/daughter dances. During peak flower season, I had so many people ask me if I was stressed over it all.  I don’t do stress, I do flowers, and flowers make me and other people smile.  I didn’t start my own floral business to endure stress – I did it because I had a passion and a talent that I wanted to share with the world.  One business owner said, “How do you do it?” – it isn’t rocket science, it is about finding a balance, knowing your limitations and above all else, smiling through it all!!

Here are the techniques that I utilize during very busy and peak times:

1. Prep in advance – During the week leading up to a busy time, I do as much as I can in advance whether that is greening vases for floral insertion later, or making bows for corsages.  As orders for flowers come in, I can assess whether I need to bring in addition staff as well.

2. Take breaks as needed!! This is so very important!  The business can’t flourish if the main machine goes down!  Periodically, stop, relax for a few minutes, get some fresh air and get rejeuvenated!   You would be amazed how much better you feel and how much more productive you will be if you step away for a few!

3.  Make sure you get fuel!  Sometimes good eating habits fall to the wayside during busy times – make sure to have a good breakfast and snacks throughout the day if you aren’t able to break for regular meals.

4. Don’t be greedy!  When you know that you have reached your limit, recognize it and don’t be afraid to say “no, I can’t do it”  Better to turn down the business rather than put out a less than perfect product with your business name on it.  People will appreciate your honesty!  

5. Keep smiling… be happy… have fun… once you stop doing either of these things, you’ll intrduce negativity whereby everything you have worked so hard for, seems miserable.

And always remember, “Chin up princess, otherwise the crown starts to slip”



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