Extend the life of your beautiful blooms!

This weekend was a busy one but I did have a couple of discussions with ladies about making sure they got a nice long vase life out of their flowers.(One gal kept her arrangement from Lady Slipper Creations, alive for a full month)

Nothing makes me sadder than when a bouquet of flowers starts to wilt.  There are several factors that contribute to their demise, here are some key ways to ensure your flowers get a nice, long life:

1. If you recieve your flowers wrapped, get them into water as quick as possible. Give the stems a fresh, angular cut to re-open their vascular system.  If using scissors, make sure they are sharp.  Some blades will crush your stems.

2. Mist your flowers daily – lots of varieties of flowers can drink through their petals.

3. If you see any foliage below the water line, (your florist should have ensured that there is none) remove the flowers and take that foliage off the stems.  Foliage will encourage bacteria formation and in some cases, cut the flowers life in half.  

4. Avoid extreme temperatures.  Don’t place your flowers to close to a drafty area or by a source of heat – this too will cause them to wilt quicker!

5. All flower and foliage stems should be submerged. Flowers stay fresher, longer when they can get a drink! Watch your water though and make sure that when it gets cloudy you change it out. Here is how to properly change out the water in your flower arrangement.

6. Never sit your floral arrangement next to fruit or vegetables.  These give off an ethelyne gas that will kill your flowers!

There you have it – a few simple steps and you can enjoy your flowers for many  days!  Now that you know the secrets, head to your favorite local florist and get some! 

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