Creating a Special Birthday Floral Arrangement

My day started when a lovely lady from Massachusetts called asking about creating a special birthday floral arrangement for her sister.  She wasn’t too specific in what flowers she wanted for the arrangement, however, she did note that her sister was outdoorsy and an artist.  Hearing this set my creative floral design juices flowing immediately.  

Below is a recount of the steps in creating the “To the Best Sister Evah” arrangement!

Step 1: Choose a container – this is really what establishes the groundwork for the floral design.  Given the outdoorsy nature, this ceramic, birch style container seemed fitting.  One must always start with freshly soaked floral foam that has been prepared with the proper flower food that the blooms require for a long lasting life 

Step 2: Green your floral arrangement.  This involves placing the various types of foliage, thus establishing the overall height, width and direction that your arrangement will take.  Here, I use some gorgeous, lush gardenia foliage and Italian ruscus.

Step 3: Focal flowers.  These can be added following the lines you have created with your foliage.  Red, Freedom roses, Orange Protea and Yellow Sunflowers – a painters palette combo, provide depth and texture to this arrangement.

Step 4: Start to  add your fillers – Again, keeping in mind the initial boundaries set for the piece, choose interesting fillers that follow the line and movement of the arrangement.  Yellow solidago goes very nicely with all of the focal flowers used in this arrangement.

Step 5: After looking at the progress, I found that the left side of the arrangement almost made it look as though is would fall over as it was heavier – that means, to achieve a balance, one needs to add more fillers.  Here, I added Queen Anne’s Lace and Bupleurum to achieve the desired look 

Step 6: I wanted some interest, something else that would lend to the outdoorsy, creative look – solution, variagated bear grass – adds a little more height and an element of interest that draws the eye upward.

So, this was my fun “have at it” arrangement today.  The sender and the recipient were both beyond pleased and I got the opportunity to show you how much fun floral design could be.

Happy Designing everyone! 

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