Festive Thanksgiving Flower Ideas for Your Home

Tis the season.  As Thanksgiving approaches, I often find myself remembering holidays past, with my kids at various ages and stages, celebrating at different homes, with various family members and one thing I always looked forward to, besides family and the feast – the flowers!  I absolutely loved seeing all the bold colors, textures and floral arrangements that adorned dining room tables, entryways, and mantels.  So many gorgeous blooms, sometimes traditional, other times, not so much, but always lovely!  The feast feeds our hunger, the flowers feed so many of our other senses!

Today I want to share with you a few ways that you can decorate your home for Thanksgiving, whether on a small or large budget.  While some opt still for the large centerpieces in the center of the table, there are several other floral design options available.

The traditional Cornucopia is always a favorite but below, I have put a modern twist on my version by creating the horn out of curly willow and gold snakeskin wire.  The vessel can be used over and over throughout upcoming holidays as well – simply replenish the water vessel and fill with your favorite blooms – consider using gourds, pumpkins, or dried items that will give you a little more longevity.  

Extremely hot sellers this season are Succulents!  These long-lasting beauties come in so many shades and textures.  Couple that with their low maintenance requirements and you have a winner every time!  Consider filling a vase with beans or lentils and then replanting your succulents inside them!  Want to learn how?  We can show you during one of our design classes! Contact us directly to find out more.

You don’t need to break the bank with your floral choices though.  Have your florist make you a few small arrangements and showcase them in various locations through out your home of group odd numbers of them as focal points.  Little ones, in multitudes, make for big impressions!

How will you be decorating your home for Thanksgiving this year? I always love hearing about others’ holiday favorites!

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