Jungle Love – Wild about flowers!

 When the talented team from Water’s Edge Salon and Spa first announced that they were doing a photo shoot in conjuction with one of the top schools in this area, I knew that I needed to be a part! A little about Water’s Edge, before i jump into my experience corroborating with them for the shoot – This group of gals is amazing! From my first visit to their facility, I knew I would be a long and loyal customer! Everything from the ambiance, their commitment to giving their customers an experience that far surpasses their expectations, and the knowlege they have regarding what they do and the products and services they provide, absolutely had me hooked! Add in Cucumber water that was to die for and the relationship was sealed!  In a nutshell, the Water’s Edge Team is just regular people with a lot of ambition and determination to provide the best care and service available in the beauty profession.

Now back to my story!  For months I thought about what I was going to use for the shoot… I consulted with my growers and distributors, bouncing ideas off them, only to change my mind again and again.  One of the tough things was that I was not going to be able to meet my model prior to the shoot, that’s right, I was going to meet her the day of and really hope that I nailed it!  Oh, I did aquire a peice of the, little bit of clothing,  that she was going to be wearing, to work with, so I had that at least!  Tropical, jungle, tropical – all kinds of exotic options filled my mind – headdresses, wearable flowers, the possibilities were endless!  Do I use orchids, anthuriums… I still wasn’t sure, all I did know was that it was going to be spectacular!  I didn’t lose sleep over it because after all, its flowers, all gorgeous in nature and as it always does, things tend to fall into place.

The morning of the shoot, I arrived at Pinkerton Academy’s cosmetology school – located on their campus in Derry, NH, giddy with excitement!  Again, I am working with an amazing team of teachers and designers and additionally, the students studying there, were going to see first hand what devoted artists could pull together!    

As I walked in with my pieces, eyes widened, smiles spread, and even some mouths dropped – mission accomplished, I set about to find the gal who would be decked out in floral finery!  Her makeup being applied by the talented Danielle White, her hair up in a bun, she was ready to go!  I gently slipped her head dress on, secured it and stood back to survey – it was perfect!!  

Did I mention snakes were involved?? 

Slipping into the changing station, I helped her get in to her next item of floral art and again, perfect fit!  The bandeaux consisted, like the head dress, of Mokara orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, exotic, yet not too much for her small frame – add in some strategically places blades of grass and voila, a masterpiece!

Extra flowers? Always!  These completed the look for another of the models, complimenting her face and body and gave her the wow factor as well!  

An amazing day, with amazing talent makes me want to roarrrrrr!!



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