Time to “Think Spring”

Hurray for some warm weather in New Hampshire!  Can’t really complain I suppose, while we have had a few crazy storms, overall, this winter hasn’t been bad at all!  Especially since Mother Nature was kind to us florists this Valentines Day and gave us an opportunity to deliver all kinds of love!

I won’t lie… Valentine’s Day takes a toll on most florists!  Preparing weeks in advance, pre-ordering flowers, cutting and conditioning them and stocking our coolers – it’s a little hectic to say the least!  

For this florist, after weeks of dealing with the same products.. roses, stargazer lilies and carnations, just to name a few, I find that my creative juices take a bit of a hit!  Don’t get me wrong, I still love my job, and as I often say “I don’t feel like I work a day in my life”, I start to itch to work with something different!  Buckets washed, coolers cleaned, it was time to restock.  I have a wonderful local distributor and my salesman Fred, well, he is amazing!  As I wandered through their vast amount of product this week, he patiently waited, watched and a few times, changed up my order details in my efforts to select product that would rekindle that creative process.  He knows how important it is to me to deliver the best, the freshest and the most gorgeous flowers possible to my customers!  With Spring on it’s way, I was drawn to the selection of tulips in stock, particularly, the double variety – so pretty!  

More wandering and I spotted some decadent, hot pink Gerbera Daisies!  I grabbed a few other things then snatched up a buch of pink Veronica!  A recipe would come to me, of that I was sure, that would be perfect for a certain someone!  Within minutes of my departure, I got a call for a birthday order for a special gal who loved Daisies – after allowing everything to get a nice long drink in my coolers, I found myself slowly getting back into the groove!  The delivery this morning was met with a gasp from the birthday gal and left me glowing with the knowledge that my mojo was back!  

Enjoy the beatiful day everyone “think spring” and remember, always choose a local florist who will put the time and effort into creating an arrangement that is sure to brighten your loved ones day! 

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