Flowers in the Work place – A must have!

Flowers and plants do much more than beautify an office environment – they are a workplace reward that actually provides benefits back to the company and are proven to mean the difference between mild and great business success!  

For businesses always looking to gain a competitive edge, the answer is quite simple – a happy, productive workforce!  Implementing  flowers and plants provides a sense of nature and research demonstrates that workers idea generation, creative performance and problem solving skills are substantially improved! 

Shown here, double spiked stems of Phaleanopsis Orchids in an elegant container perfect for an entry or waiting room area.

While we already are aware of how natural surroundings affect people in different scenarios with regardes to psychological well-being, stress and health, it should be equally important to understand what features can improve performance at work and make employees more productive.  

Custom made Mobilane living wall panel

When we suffer the loss of a loved one, flowers bring us comfort.  While recovering from illness, flowers work to bring our spirits up and regain our health.  In the same way, employees entering into a workplace where they are greeted with a fresh bouquet of flowers, their sense of being in a “living space” greatly benefits their well being.  

A couple of  findings from a from an 8 month study at the Texas A&M University.  

  • Men who participated in the study generated 30% more ideas when working in an environment that included flowers and plants.
  • Females generated more creative, flexible solutions to problems in workplace environments that included flowers and plants.

Depending on available space and lighting conditions, there are many options available for the smart business that is looking to take a significant step towards happier and more productive employees.  The reception area is often the first place people visit when entering into an office – whether it be an employee or visitor, a gorgeous arrangement of fresh flowers will start the day with a smile.  

 Another great location to consider flowers and plant placement is in boardrooms.  With tension running high at times during meetings, de-stress with a collection of seasonal flowers on the table, reminding those attending of the simple things in life. 




Choosing the right florist for your office environment is key!  They should be willing to visit and assess your needs along with recommend various types of plants and flowers that fit your decor.  Additionally, tending to your plants and flowers should also be part of their services.  Regular watering, tending to browning leaves, even replacement if necessary, should all be a part of ensuring your beautiful surroundings continue to bring joy to your staff!




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    I’m trying to come up with a way to make my office at work a bit more comfortable. I didn’t know that flowers could add so much to an area! Maybe I should get some flowers to put on my desk. That would most definitely brighten things up a little bit!

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