Fresh Flower Rentals for your wedding day!

You said yes!  Congratulations!  Such an exciting time in your life – from choosing the venue, selecting your dress, and right up to planning the smallest details surrounding your dream day – it’s a whirlwind of activity, advice coming from all angles and yes, expenses!  Having taken the time to research what various venues charge, meal plans, accomodations and other various aspects of the wedding industry cost, it doesn’t always surprise my that there is little left in the budget for flowers.  That’s ok, one thing I tell all my couples, spend your  money on what is important to you!  That said, you want your day to be perfect right? You’ve put a good chunk of money towards a gorgeous venue, you look amazzzzinnggg in that dress, your color palette is the Pinterest board of your dreams? Let me help you complete that vision with the flowers of your dreams and save you, that’s right SAVE YOU MONEY, on your wedding day! 

Being the first florist in New Hampshire to partner with this genius team, I am beyond excited to introduce you all to Bloomerent!  All across Facebook, Twitter and many other social platforms, I see daily, couples looking to purchase everything from linens, to decorations and even dresses from other newlyweds in hopes of saving money.  How was I going to compete with all of the bulk floral companies offering online purchases for the DIY couple?  Then I found Bloomerent!  You can rent virtually every other element for your wedding day, why not flowers!!

What is this Bloomerent I am talking about? It’s pretty simple, Bloomerent is a marketplace to share your wedding or event flowers with another event in close proximity. In short, it allows couples to list, discover and book their florist and flowers directly on the website. Sharing your flowers helps you save money without sacrificing quality and helps reduce floral waste.  Since flowers have a shelf life of 3-14 days, depending on the flower, and are usually discarded after a 5-hour event, bloomerent allows me to match two events in close proximity and allow them to share their flowers and save money, just for going green. 

Why would you want to reuse someone else’s flowers besides the fact you are saving money? Won’t the flowers die by the time your wedding is over?  The short answer is no, they don’t! The long answer is that when your significant other buys you flowers, you don’t throw them away after a few hours, right? That’s because flowers last for days, sometimes weeks, depending on the flower and care. If a flower is wilted, we will replace it with a new stem. Bloomerent only partners  directly with the best florists in your area, so that you can rest assured knowing that your blooms will always be fresh and new for your event.

While I could go on and on about this new and fabulous opportunity I am a  part of, I’ll simply invite you to contact ​​me directlyand we can discuss all the benefits and I am happy to answer any of your questions so that you CAN have those flowers you wanted but possibly didn’t think you could afford!   

We can discuss whether you are an A Event – and want to call the shots for your flowers from start to finish and then share them earning cash back, or whether you are a B event  and like knowing that someone with a clear vision, from the type of flower down to the color, put everything together with a florist and all you have to do is say yes to getting them next and saving up to 60%! 


  1. Grace says

    Hi there, this is a great idea. I am getting married Friday, June 23 2017 in henniker NH. Any events near mine?

    • says

      Hi Grace,
      Thanks for inquiring! Can you provide me with a little more information regarding colors and quantities that you are looking for please? I shall see what I can find for you!

      Warm regards, Karen

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