Along with Beauty and the Beast, We invite you to be our Guest!

Who doesn’t enjoy an incredible love story?   I know I do! Add in whimsical fantasy and it is a sure win! With the release of Beauty and the Beast on March 17th, one thing is for certain, there are an amazing amount of die-hard fans of this classic tale of Belle and her Beast with ticket sales of 1.6 million dollars reported thus far!  Emma Watson and cast have clearly captured many of the helpless romantics attention with this one! 

Tale as old as time, I watched Disney’s classic VHS (sorry for those who might not be familiar) with my, now grown daughters, over and over when they were little!  Even now, I suspect I could sing all of the songs – it was a favorite for sure!  From the moment Belle set foot into the castle, to her first glimpse of the Beast, to her meeting with all the castle’s “staff”, we sat watching in wonderment!  Who could forget the sweet Mrs. Potts – a teapot full of knowledge and advice who always said “the beast isn’t as he appears” reminds us to always look beyond appearances and offer the opportunity to really look into someone’s heart and soul – We need more Mrs. Pott’s in this world!  Lumiere, Chip,  and friends, are all magically introduced as well.  

My favorite part (remember, I am a florist) is the Enchanted Rose!  It’s symbolism – this serves as a hour glass of sorts, and ultimately will determine whether the Beast remains in his wolf-like state or whether he will be restored to being a prince.   In it’s place under a bell jar, blooming for 21 years, a constant reminder that the Beast must find true love!  

While roses certainly sympolize love,  when Belle, curious gal that she is, meandors into the Beasts “forbidden rooms” and happens upon it, she is immediately drawn to it’s beauty and wants to know more about how it is linked to the Beast!  Even when he is furious with her,   For her, it is a mystery that needs solving!  For me, the mystery is solved, I have found my “beast” – the love of my life! 

In addition to movie goers, people are also snatching up these souvenir tumblers – personally, I am not a fan – for me, there is nothing like the real thing! 

While our roses certainly don’t last for 21 years, I do want to share a few of my favorite, long lasting varieties.  Over time, growers continue their efforts in advanced care and handling to ensure that florists get the quality and varieties that their customers will love!  If your florist is bringing in fresh product on a regular basis, your roses should last from 5-7 days at the very minimum.  Pictured here from top to bottom are “Freedom”, “Free Spirit” and “Yokohama” 

Did you see the movie? Did you love it?  I would love to read your comments!  In closing, I just want to say that I believe the true meaning of “Beauty and the Beast” is simple – Always remember that Beauty comes from within! 





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