Plantscaping – Making Julie’s dream a reality!

Hello from my land of flowers to everyone!  It has been too long since I have shared news with you and I wanted to take a moment to get you started, excited and following on a fabulous job I am working on!  

I want to start off by stating clearly, I am not, nor have I ever, considered myself, nor marketed myself as any sort of a landscaper and that still stands true!  Heck, I love having pretty toes and fingernails too much to take on that title!! However, when that little message appeared on my laptop via facebook and simply said, “Karen, I want you to design and create the floral oasis I have always dreamed about”, well, I was intrigued and being the lover of flowers that I am, decided to get the details on what this job entailed.  

I want to add something before I continue – in the past 10 years that I have been blessed to do what I love, I have seen many people try to rewrite themselves and their jobs into something they are not – I have seen failing caterers turn themselves into event planners, florists try to turn themselves into event planners, and  bridal shops caiming that they can tend to your everyday floral needs, just to name a few. One simply cannot succeed and  try to be everything to everyone – the only outcome as a result is failure.  Find your niche, learn your trade well, take care of your customers and success will be yours!  Heck, I have a fancy, red Nikon and let me tell you, I have captured some pretty pictures with it – to be told, “Karen, you should start offering that service” – hell no!! My area of expertise lies in creating the most beautiful, and long lasting floral designs imaginable!  I have zero interest in claiming to be an expert in a field I no nothing about!  I threw this little part in just as a reminder that I will not ever be a lanscaper – but man, is this going to be fun! 

Touring Julie’s yard was eye opening!  I was realizing that this task was going to be huge!  In addition to creating 2 brand new perennial beds of significant size, I would also be making over 2 exsisting ones.  The exsisting beds were overgrown, poorly planted and in need of a ton of TLC!  There was a moment when I questioned whether I could handle this – and then it came to me, of course I could because essentially, what she was asking me to do was to make 4 of the biggest, most elaborate and most beautiful floral arrangements of my carreer!  

Did I have all the plant knowledge required? Nope, but one thing I have learned throughout the course of my amazing job is that all one simply has to do is ask the experts!  Enlisting the help of Larry of Dillions Greenhouse here in Chester, NH, and Newton Greenhouses, of Newton, NH, after hearing what I had been asked to do, they were more than willing to work with me and guide me along the way!  Julie’s dream oasis would become a reality and I was thrilled that I was the florist she chose to help her!!

I will leave you with that for now all – below are a few pictures of her yard and some of the areas I will be working in – please feel free to follow along as I show you steps I am taking, sharing my staff that is helping, and other industry professionals who will be a part!  

Oh, and did I mention I am building her a couple of freestanding structure gardens as well?  Showing you these as well!  Just a little downtime June fun here at Lady Slipper Creations – Innovative Floral Design LLC.

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