Designing for a Cause – Relay for Life

Cancer sucks! Plain and simple!  Today I am tasked with creating the centerpieces for our local Relay for Life event to take place at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH.  

When I was asked to sponsor and donate centerpieces, I immediately agreed to do all 10 of them – this is a cause near and dear to me and I am sure, many, many, many others,  unfortunately!

Social media,  often times, is the means that I hear about someones struggle – various aquaintances asking for prayers, sharing obituaries and simply indicating with that “feeling” button, that they or someone they know and love is fighting this terrible disease!  Another avenue, I have been blessed to honor many of those who have lost the battle by way of tending to their final farewell, funeral tributes – a sad occasion for sure but I find peace in knowing that my work brings comfort during a difficult time.

My story – the big “C” as it is often referred to, has claimed the lives of several people who I love.  A beloved grandfather to my daughters, my amazing sister in law by marriage who lost her battle, which started out as breast Cancer, passed away after a few years of fighting, once the disease made its way to her brain.  Renee was such a light in so many lives and I continue to mourn her passing.  I come from a family of 10 kids – yes, you read that right!  Currently, one of my big brothers is battling stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer!  He is such a good man and it is so difficult at times to get the news of what his current CT scan shows but we continue to hope and pray for a positive outcome and are so thankful that he continues to fight as well!  I can’t not mention my wonderful sister-in-law, Lise!  This gal, my friends and readers, is an inspiration to many!  I believe her cancer surfaced first, in her colon – over the course of many years, the devasting disease has plagued various areas of her body and her words always ring out in my ears “I am too tough for this illness to get me!” She lives a good distance from me but I often talk to her on Facebook or on the phone – her positive attitude and belief truly serve as a reminder that miracles happen!  I have no doubt that she will win this battle!  With so many loving her, and supporting her, the power of prayer and outpouring of love is proving that all things are posible!  

I am due no credit here – I am just the flower gal who believes in giving 110% support to those who organize and participate in events such as the Relay for Life!  The credit goes to all those families who have lost loved ones, those who have lost and those who continue to fight!  May you all be blessed and continue to believe that with these efforts, a cure will be found one day!

The only details I was given was that the event consists of a purple and white theme – designs will include purple, Dutch Hydrangea, white Roses, white Calla lilies, and such but again, the accent isn’t on the flowers, it is on those who are constantly working towards eliminating this devistating disease!  Feel free to comment on this post should you be inclined to share your story.

Prayers to all!


  1. Jackie Leavitt says

    Thank you for sharing your story & your amazing talent with the Relay community. Please invite all survivors to join the festivities tomorrow, we relay to honor them!

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