Plantscaping – Completing the oasis!

I can’t believe it is Mid-July already!  Time is flying by as I spend my days juggling my daily tasks as a florist and finishing up this amazing dream oasis for Julie!  I have to say, as each stage is competed, I have such a sense of accomplishment and it has been so very rewarding to see how my designs are taking shape – everyday, right on schedule, blooms are appearing, allowing Julie to wander outside amongst her new gardens and discover the new beauties that she will have for years to come – and every day, Julie tells me how very happy this makes her – and that, is what every florist wants to hear!

Throughout this incredible task, I have learned so very much and have met and dealt with some incredible professionals!  I’ve played in composte, ridden in excavators, wallowed in mulch and hauled river rock, ok, well maybe I didn’t haul but here is where I give a huge shout out to my employee Jimmy who undertook the heavy stuff – he worked in both rain and sunshine to get the job done!  All placements were installed based on their ultimate adult size as well as the potential growth that they would achieve – to fill every nook and cranny would have ultimately stunted their growth and more than likely, would have choked out her beds.  So I researched the heck out of every single plant, shrub and tree that I selected prior to determining placement.  I’ve even found myself looking at other yards and such in my travels and really noticing where others, be it builders, homeowners or landscapers have just stuck in items and the end result over the years has been a misplanted mess!  This shall not be the case at this beautiful home here in Chester!  

As news spreads, people are reaching out to me about their yards, and while I hesitated at first, I am loving this new avenue of business that has opened up for me and Lady Sipper Creations!  I’ll never give up my dream job as a florist – I so love my couples whose weddings I design for, all my amazing customers that reach out to me on a daily basis for their everyday floral needs and those I help with their loved ones final farewells, but I think I can fit a plantcaping job in here and there!  

Upon completion, I will do a walk through video to show you all the gorgeousness but until then, here are a couple of pictures of the trees and shrubs that went into the front bed of the house – it’s no secret, I love lots of texture and there is no shortage here!

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