What’s Your Love Score?

Love Game – 100 Points of Romance 

While the game of life can be somewhat competitive and we shouldn’t keep score, let’s face it, most couples do. Always looking for the balance in what each other takes care of in life’s daily rituals.  “I fed the dog and vacuumed” – “I made dinner and put the kids to bed” – tally the scores and you have a balanced, happy couple!

Here’s a little secret, this Valentines Day, you can score a ton of points with little effort!  And love points put you way ahead in the game of life. Get started now with your planning, gaming and point gathering. Score big as a Sizzling Hot Lover and you can make Valentine’s Day 2017 the best ever!

Let’s Keep Score!  Pick your points, tally them up and make sure you hit 100.  When you do, the rewards await.

35 points – Have flowers delivered to work.  This shouts to the world, “I Love You!”

(5 bonus points if you deliver early – think Monday.  Being first to get Valentine’s flowers means your sweetie planned ahead.)

*Note* If you have to ask, “When’s Valentines’ Day?” deduct 25 points.

25 Points – Fill the house with flowers. This is not as daunting as it sounds. A bud vase in the bathroom, a few blooms at the bedside (swoon), flowers in the living room, and a vase of flowers in the kitchen.  Going beyond the expected and adding flowers throughout the house is a grand surprise.
(5 bonus points for rose petals on the turned down bed.)

10 Points – Share the flower love with your children. A bouquet for each of the kids lets them know they’re loved and teaches them the value of love gifting. If you don’t have children, send a flower to a favorite friend – they’ll love you for it!

15 Points – Surprise your sweetie with breakfast in bed. It can be a full-fledged food fest or a simple coffee and donuts.  Either way, make sure to add a flower to the breakfast tray.

5 Points – Leave a single bloom on the car seat.  What a delightful surprise as your sweetie dashes out the door heading to wherever. A flower! I am loved!

25 Points – Prepare dinner at home.  Set the table with good dishes and add a festive vase of roses.
(15 bonus points if you do the dishes, too!)

15 Points – Escape for the weekend.  Mountain, seashore, city or country…sneak away for a loving rendezvous and rekindle the romance.
(25 bonus points if you arrange for flowers in the room.)

How did you do???

1-50 Points – You need a little help!  Better add your florist to the speed dial list.

51-65 Points – Warming up but, no prize for you!  Call your florist NOW!

66-80 Points – Getting closer. Call your florist and see what you can squeeze in before it is too late.

81-90 Points – Oh, so close!  Time to sprint to the finish.  One more dash to the florist and you could win!

91-100 Points – You’re Sizzling Hot! And, I bet your florist is ready to help you score again.

Color of the year – Greenery!


Whether it is in the world of fashion, furnishings or floral design, I am sure that you are seeing Pantone’s color of the year exhibited!  Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, describes Greenery as a “symbol of new beginnings, fresh and revitalizing.”

More often, influenced by ‘going green’ lifestyles, people request flowers and plants that are locally grown. certified. and organic – in much the same way they request other products – the food they eat and the clothes they wear, to name a few.  

For several years, brides didn’t want ‘greens’ added to their bouquets – they wanted a full design of all flowers. That was unfortunate because foliages are often less expensive and can help keep the cost down. Fortunately, brides are now seeing the beautiful blend of color and texture that natural foliages can add to a design. They are even requesting all foliage bouquets, in the search for something a little different. These designs fit beautifully into current trends such as ”woodland’, ‘natural materials’ and ‘rustic-modern’. I am personally tending to several weddings this spring where I will have the priviledge of making hundreds of feet of garland for guest tables out of all greenery.  Of course, you don’t have to stick with just foliage – choices for flowers if you are interested in this trend include, roses, hydrangea, green trick dianthus, carnations, ranunculus and cymbidium orchids are all available year round!

Hydrangea and Cymbidium Orchid

There are other ways that florists can add this trendy color to your floral designs – with products such as Oasis Midollino Sticks, Diamond Wire and flat wire at our disposal, these can add a whimsical and modern element to designs and still stay on trend. 

Thanks to our friends at Pantone for giving us “Greenery” this year – lots of fun ideas!



Plants can help sleep disorders!

It’s a new year and you are probably taking down all your holiday decorations and now is a great time to add some plants to your home.  

So many people suffer from sleep disorders; from insomnia to sleep apnea and night terrors. Did you know there are plants, when added to your bedroom, can help with alleviate these issues?!

1. White Jasmine – this fragrant beauty will not only add a wonderful smell, but it has been used for thousands of years as a means to reduce anxiety.  The powerful scent has several natural healing properties including analgesic and antioxidant just to name a few.

2. English Ivy – one of the easist plants to keep alive, this plant will really improve the quality of the air in your room.  By soaking up toxins, and releasing healthy oxygen, you will rest much easier.  Additionally, English Ivy is known to reduce airborne mold by over 90%

3. Aloe Vera – Research indicates that Aloe pushes out the majority of it’s healthy oxygen at night! Again, improving the quality of the air will have you resting easier and dreaming peacefully.

4. Snake Plant – Similar to Aloe, the Snake Plant releases most of its healthy oxygen at night, with this pop of fresh air, wipe away your insomnia problems!

5. Lavender – For centuries, lavender has been known to help reduce anxiety and stress, as well as slow your heart rate. This calming property is what draws people to use lavender essential oils for a great bedtime routine. But having the plant in your room will keep you calm all night long!

So there you have it – you don’t have to suffer anymore!  Just surround yourself with nature’s beauty and you’ll be snoozing the night away!

Sweet dreams!

Fresh Fall Home Decor Ideas

Fall is a great time to add a pop of color to your home or office decor. Take some inspiration from the gorgeous outdoors and create your own beautiful displays! Think about pumpkins, gourds and corn husks, just to name a few things you can use!

Pumpkins, berries, leaves and votives float in mason jars for a pretty tablescape!

Natural grasses and foliage combine to make a lovely trio.

Cinderella pumpkins, candles, jugs and cotton covered balls make a fun, textural display.


How do you decorate your home for the fall season? I’d love to learn what some of your inspiration and creative expression!

Festive Thanksgiving Flower Ideas for Your Home

Tis the season.  As Thanksgiving approaches, I often find myself remembering holidays past, with my kids at various ages and stages, celebrating at different homes, with various family members and one thing I always looked forward to, besides family and the feast – the flowers!  I absolutely loved seeing all the bold colors, textures and floral arrangements that adorned dining room tables, entryways, and mantels.  So many gorgeous blooms, sometimes traditional, other times, not so much, but always lovely!  The feast feeds our hunger, the flowers feed so many of our other senses!

Today I want to share with you a few ways that you can decorate your home for Thanksgiving, whether on a small or large budget.  While some opt still for the large centerpieces in the center of the table, there are several other floral design options available.

The traditional Cornucopia is always a favorite but below, I have put a modern twist on my version by creating the horn out of curly willow and gold snakeskin wire.  The vessel can be used over and over throughout upcoming holidays as well – simply replenish the water vessel and fill with your favorite blooms – consider using gourds, pumpkins, or dried items that will give you a little more longevity.  

Extremely hot sellers this season are Succulents!  These long-lasting beauties come in so many shades and textures.  Couple that with their low maintenance requirements and you have a winner every time!  Consider filling a vase with beans or lentils and then replanting your succulents inside them!  Want to learn how?  We can show you during one of our design classes! Contact us directly to find out more.

You don’t need to break the bank with your floral choices though.  Have your florist make you a few small arrangements and showcase them in various locations through out your home of group odd numbers of them as focal points.  Little ones, in multitudes, make for big impressions!

How will you be decorating your home for Thanksgiving this year? I always love hearing about others’ holiday favorites!