Magic Fairy Garden Kits Page 3

Classic Garden Assortment

Includes: 1 French Chateau, 2 Border Planters (4″), 2 Arc Border Planters, 1 Round Border Planter, 1 Greek Urn on Plinth.  (Please note this item does not come in a decorative box.)

Price: $85


 Fun on the Farm

If the farm is your favorite place to be, then this is the kit for you!  It includes a barn, silo, wagon, rabbit cage with rabbit inside, a dog complete with house, dog bowl and bone, and a set of farmyard animals – Animals are a cow, horse, donkey, pig, sheep, rooster, chicken and a cat.

Price: $110


Empty Container

Our plastic container is a perfect start to any fairy garden. It’s sized correctly for about six to seven plants and several pieces of fairy furniture and comes with a saucer so water won’t spill on your counter or table. To complete your garden add a picket fence to build around the container.

Price: $20


​Wooden Container

Perfect container to use for a group activity or if you want multiple Fairy Gardens on your counter. Decorative wooden container comes with a plastic insert that won’t leak on a finished surface.

Price: $17


​White Picket Fence

A beautiful white picket fence designed to go around your Fairy Gardening™ Kit or empty box.

Price: $18.95