Magic Fairy Garden Kits

Remember how much fun it was to sit and play with barbies or other little toys when you were young? No cell phone, no tablets, no computers to take up our time, nope, we went outside, played in the sand (sometimes mud) and we knew when it was time to go home simply by the dimming of the sun!  Much simpler times for sure!

Take a trip back in time (or fast forward, again, this is all about imagination) to a place you loved, or to a place you would love to be with a Magic Fairy Garden.

Get started by choosing a plastic or wooden container for your garden and then let your imagination run wild by selecting your favorite kit.

​Grammy’s House

Mini World Grandma’s Garden 5pc. Boxed Set. Set includes 1 each polystone Heart Design Chair, Table with Teapot/Teacup, Birdhouse, Flower Box, Sign with LOVES BLOOMS IN A GRANDMOTHER’S HEART

Price: $36.99


​Wedding Kit

Mini World Wedding Wishes 4pc. Boxed Set. Set includes 1 each polystone Bride & Groom Figurine, Heart Sign with HAPPILY EVER AFTER sentiment, Wedding Cake & Table, Flower Wrapped Arch.


​Price: $36.99


Memorial Kit

Mini World Memorial Garden 5pc. Boxed Set. Set includes 1 each polystone Angel, Angel-Cat, Angel-Dog, Bench with IN LOVING MEMORY sentiment, Heart & Flowers Statue with ALWAYS IN MY HEART sentiment


Price: $36.99


Willow Arbor Kit

If you like white accessories in your miniature garden, then this set is a great starter kit. 7 piece set in Decorative Box includes Arbor, Bench, Chair, Bird bath, Lantern, Lantern Hook, and Martin Birdhouse.


Price: $38.99


Backyard Oasis Set

This pre-packaged set comes with all the furniture you need for your fairy garden. Arbor, obelisk, gazing ball, fairy dust. (Does not include container, plants or fence)

Price: $29.99