Corporate Services

Corporate Services:

The Benefits of Weekly/Monthly or Scheduled Designs

Seasonal, Fresh and Inspirational Designs

One of the most important benefits of choosing Lady Slipper Creations – Innovative Floral Design is the assurance that our designs will enhance your guest’s experience. “Enriching lives and living spaces is our motto. Each design is custom made, and our flowers are handpicked weekly. 

At Lady Slipper Creations, we create customized design of exceptional quality and beauty that reflect our clients’ needs, image, and style.



Complimentary Rental Charges for all Lady Slipper Containers


As a courtesy all non-perishable products may be rented free of charge from our  inventory. This includes vases of all shapes and sizes, most non-blooming branches, vase fillers (rocks, crushed glass, crystals etc.) feathers, dried materials such as wheat and holiday ornamentation if requested. Benefit: The décor possibilities will not be limited to the constraints of purchasing containers. In most cases the container is about 10% of an arrangement.


Delivery Fee: Our standard local delivery is $12.00 and covers multiple trips for watering and required maintenance if necessary.

No Risk Prepaid Contract Delivery Discounts

  • Save 50% of your delivery fees with a 6-month prepaid term.
  • Save 100% of your delivery fees with a yearly contract (a $624 savings).
  • Contracts help eliminate a lot of paperwork for both parties and allow for the best market prices. Sprout Fine Floral Concepts honors our satisfaction guarantee on all our services. If for any reason you would like to cancel the contract prior to its natural conclusion, any deliveries completed will be charged $12.00 per trip and the remaining balance will be refunded.

Payment Schedule: Clients are charged for their monthly orders on the 1st of each month using a credit card on file.



Show us a copy of your current contract and we will provide the same service for 10% less than what you are currently paying! 



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