Valentine’s Day Flowers

Saying it with flowers is easier this Valentines Day. Choose between one of our five expertly crafted arrangements* that your special someone is sure love.

You Make My Heart Sing

Her heart will be singing with love when you order this decadent arrangement!! In addition to the snakeskin, custom made, wire heart and accents, we’ll include hot pink/purple roses, a gold Gerbera Daisy, red carnations and fillers along with some hot pink Medolina sticks to really spark things up!

Price: $74.99*





Lover’s Lane

Take a stroll with your loved one this Valentine’s Day and send her a bouquet that will have them remembering what made you fall in love! Lover’s Lane is a composition of Free Spirit roses, stargazer lilies, tulips and lavender stock.  If you haven’t been down Lover’s Lane in awhile, this one might make it worth the stroll.

Price $52.99*




Passions Palette

Not for the weak of heart, Passions Palette, takes its name from the depth of color and intensity of texture along with a little whimsy. They’ll swoon with delight when we deliver this arrangement of antique, dutch Hydrangea, hot pink Ranunculus, hot pink (super hot because it is tropical) Protea, green Amaranthus, pink Roses and a splash of red filler foliage.  Knock their socks off this Valentines Day!

Price: $89.99*



Romantic Fantasy

Ignite some flames when you order Romantic Fantasy!  Filled with roses, tulips, orchids and some outdoorsy accents, you’ll be the giver of all givers!!

Price: $92.99*






One Dozen Roses

dozen valentines day rosesA dozen red roses 

Price: $84.99* 








Designer’s Choice

florist choice valentines day flowersSince our coolers will be chock full of plenty more beautiful blooms, why don’t you just leave it to the experts to “WOW” your love!!

Price: $65.99*








 *Please note:  Delivery to Chester, NH and surrounding areas – $10. All product is subject to availability and only while supplies last.  Should we not be able to fulfill the order as seen, please complete the form on this page we will contact you to get your approval on substitutions.